Dr Omolola Salako

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Science & Tech

When I’m not seeing patients or teaching, I research and build innovative products for humanity.

Below is a list of some of my scientific and conference abstract presentations
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Checkout our Digital health app, Oncopadi


Oncopadi.com, simplifying health care

From a brick and mortar hospital clinic to a digital cancer clinic to leading an innovative health tech start up at the forefront of democratizing cancer care, I have dared to follow an audacious path by building Nigeria’s foremost cancer app. The Oncopadi Mobile Cancer App is a super cool app solving real problems cancer patients and their families face daily.

Gone are the days when people living with cancer

  • Can’t find cancer doctors and clinics quickly
  • Don’t know people with similar experience cancer survivors
  • Don’t belong to a supportive community
  • Under report their symptoms and treatment side effects
  • Cant access counselling and survivorship services
  • Don’t have access to patient education

The Oncopadi Mobile Cancer app is simplifying cancer with its incredible features,

  • Telemedicine
  • Symptom tracker and reporting
  • Digital patient navigator
  • Community
  • Support group meetings
  • Health shop
  • Cancer coaching programs

Check out the features we have brought to life for people living with cancer

The GIFTS of Survivorship

Get my FREE workbook to help you discover the 5 GIFTS of survivorship for you and your loved ones to thrive and live a vibrant life, on the road to recovery