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About Omolola Salako - The People's Oncologist

  • 18+ years experience
  • Award-winning oncologist
  • Lecturer and Researcher at University of Lagos
  • Founder of Sebeccly Cancer Care
  • Founder and CEO Oncopadi
  • Co-founder of Pearl Oncology Clinic Lekki
  • Principal Investigator of the RBRR Tech Hub

A little back story...

My journey into changing cancer care started in 2003 when I cared for my younger sister who was diagnosed with advanced kidney cancer. It was a difficult period, impossible to believe that our bond would be cut short and our sister’s promises would be broken. Caring for my sister during her last days is a privilege I hold dear to my heart.

Through the darkness, we walked a painful path that our sisterhood would be aborted and there was nothing we could both do about it. One early morning, as she slept peacefully, she took her last breath and slipped away.

That moment defined my mission, and that mission became the rhythm to my profession. I channelled the broken promises, pain, emotions and ashes of my caregiver’s experience into a purposeful career that serves the cancer community.

Today, almost 18 years later, I am one of 81 Clinical Oncologists in Nigeria fighting for the lives of other Nigerians impacted by cancer.

I have treated and counselled thousands of patients and caregivers, bringing some light to their dark paths.

Though my career inspiration started on a very sad note, I must say it also served as a compass to guide my work choices, pursue something more fulfilling and reshape how I want to impact the world.

In hindsight, losing my sister unleashed my purpose.

So far, I have identified 2 purpose pathways…amazing right.

Inspire you to be who you are born to be

Through mentorship and purpose coaching, I help people connect with their inner game, articulate their personal purpose statement.

As a lecturer, I teach, find support and build the future health care innovators and oncology workforce

Build a safe space for people affected by cancer

I plan to achieve this by creating innovative and sustainable oncology solutions through research, clinical skills, enterprise and technology. This has led to several expressions of my career, strongly tied to this mission.

As a cancer researcher, I explore the social determinants of health behaviours and the role of digital health in oncology

As a Clinical Oncologist, I provide quality cancer care and help cancer patients and their loved ones thrive in spite of the disease

My work is a love letter to anyone who:

Wants to do their hearts work,

Is affected by cancer

Professional Bio

Omolola Salako is an award-winning oncologist with demonstrable experience in the oncology ecosystem. Her 18 years career spans public health institutions, private and social sectors. She is one of 81 Clinical Oncologists in Nigeria skilled in the multidisciplinary management of cancer.

She is a Lecturer and researcher at the College of Medicine, University of Lagos with over 45 peer-reviewed articles. Her research explores women cancers, mobile health research, value-based oncology and health care innovation.

Beyond cancer care, Dr Omolola works with career women to articulate their personal purpose statement. She believes that discovering your purpose is a learning process and a journey you must embark on to attain your peak fulfilment. Since 2020, Omolola has articulated over 40 purpose statements for professionals and mentees. Omolola enjoys world music and loves to experience new places, people and culture.

She is listed as one of the “2021 Brightest Minds in Cancer Research” by the American Society of Clinical Oncology.

She is the Principal Investigator of the RBRR Tech Hub, a research, innovation and leadership development platform that incubates the innovative potential of future healthcare leaders. Through this platform, she is set to build the future oncology workforce in Africa that are not just book smart, but emphatic and dedicated to building extraordinary health care solutions.

Omolola creates solutions that increase access to accurate cancer information, treatment and prevention services through several vibrant startups

She is the founder of Sebeccly Cancer Care, a social enterprise that is committed to reducing the cancer burden in Nigeria by helping breast cancer patients fulfill their survivorship potential through education, research, advocacy, treatment support and delivery of high quality care.

She is also the brain behind Oncopadi Technologies LTD, a Digital Health Innovation Company that empowers confident cancer care decisions by clinicians, patients and caregivers. The award-winning telehealth app quickly connects patients with medical professionals for accurate cancer information, care and support.

She is the co-founder of Pearl Oncology Clinic Lekki, a multi-disciplinary cancer centre on a mission to conquer cancer through quality cancer treatment with chemotherapy, surgery and more.

She is a recipient of the 2021 ASCO International Innovation Grant, 2021 Cancer Tech Accelerator by ROCHE UK and Cancer Research UK, 2020 Astellas US Oncology C3 Grand Prize winner and 2020 Best UICC CEO (NGO Category).

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Impact Stories

"I was diagnosed with breast cancer 12 years ago, but with the love of God, and coming in contact with Sebeccly, and the right doctors, like Dr. Omolola Salako, I became a survivor. Now I’m doing well and very healthy. I got informed, became more aware, and developed strength and courage"



"It has been a wonderful experience knowing Sebeccly and Dr Omolola Salako. Working together has helped in improving and widening my knowledge and horizon about cancer in general: the symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and care."

Oyegbile Oluwakemi



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